Junior Kindergarten

The beginnings of independent and engaged learning can happen right from 3 years old. Junior Kindergarten provides children with a safe and joy-filled environment within which to explore who they are, make friendships, and grow in their love of God.

Grades K-5

Under the watchful care of a Support Teacher, children move grade to grade in a learning community that values their strengths, supports their growth, and champions their passions. Exceptional teachers, experiential learning, and a loving community lay the foundation for future exploration in Middle and High School.


Grades 6-9

Beginning in grade 6, students will use increasing amounts of digital curriculum tools to create the chance for teachers to focus on inquiry and experience-based learning. Experiments, collaborative problem-solving, and exploration of the world around them and who they are, form the core of the student experience. Mentor teachers support students at every step and their relationship with caring adults and a caring community of peers remains our focus.

Grades 10-12

Freedom! Mentor teachers work with students to design a high school program that celebrates their passions and gifts and ensures they’re ready for whatever they pursue post-graduation. Programming and curriculum are made as flexible as possible to allow students to pursue their passions.

JK-12 Journey

Supporting your child’s journey at every step.

Support Teachers & Mentors

From K-12, no child slips through the cracks. In Foundations, support teachers stick with kids year-to-year to keep a careful eye on their learning journey and their personal growth. Beginning in Innovations, students choose a Mentor to help guide them through their academics and personal and spiritual development. These unique roles keep relationships at the core and ensure students are well supported and cared for as they grow and change.

Inclusive Education

The Inclusive Education program exists to ensure the academic success of learners with diverse abilities through early care, intervention, and ongoing support. Inclusive Education case managers partner with families to create an individualized education plan according to each student’s designation or support needs. Services are provided by educational assistants and in partnership with specialized professionals to equip students with tools and strategies to reach their full potential. Students can graduate with a BC Dogwood or obtain a School Completion Certificate.

Online Courses

At our school, teachers design experiences for learning and support kids’ growth. Beginning in Innovations, much of the “textbook teaching” moves to a digital platform. While some of us grew up copying notes off of an overhead projector, now content learning is delivered through an interactive online platform. This frees teacher time to move from standing at the front instructing students, to moving beside them and exploring with them. 

Using digital tools means that more time is spent practicing learning, developing deep relationships, and pursuing passion areas. Instructional plans have never been so flexible or focused on serving every kid. 

Flexible Scheduling

Flex Academy offers personalized programming that works for each student. Mentor teachers work with each student to map a course program that also allows them to pursue passion areas like sports, theater, and workplace experiences.

Learning Commons

Creative endeavours can expand in our Learning Commons which is equipped with physical and virtual learning activities, subscriptions, and of course books! All of our students will have the opportunity to explore our Commons.

Learning Support

Experienced consultants work with teachers and you to find the right strategies and resources to ensure your student’s academic success. From helping to assess needs, to suggestions for learning environments, to creating an IEP, our learning support team provides support in structuring a personalized journey.


Whether it is in a practice,
a game, or in the stands cheering, our school celebrates each student’s strengths. Our Athletic Department provides students with opportunities to work together, overcome challenges, and champions successes. 

The Village Room

The Village Room is our space for students to utilize during their Flex Blocks. Supervised by Learning Coaches who are there to support students in their course work. 

After School Care

Flex Academy Sparks After School Care is available for all of our K-5s! Families who need full-time, part-time, or drop in after school care are welcome to register their child for this fun and educational after-school care program.


Heritage theatre exists to develop our students’ gifts and abilities to achieve excellence in the performing arts, giving glory to God in all that they do. With a focus on foundational performing arts concepts like acting, singing, and dancing, we provide a professional, fun and engaging atmosphere.

Christian Studies

We make room for students to experience a personal relationship with Jesus in a way that is unique to them and where they are in their journey. Here students can learn to lead, to serve, and to receive.

Travel & Outreach

It’s a big wide world and we want our students to have the opportunity to explore it. In order to nurture love for others, empathy, compassion, generosity, and be understanding world transformers, Flex students will be invited to participate in transformative local and global outreach opportunities.

Ready to get started?

We are building a dream team of teachers, support staff, and administrative leaders that exemplify innovative thinking, relational drive, and courageous connection. Contact us to apply to join our team and be a part of Flex Academy.