Let’s go

Our school has some serious heart and it especially shows up in our athletics program and how hard our fans cheer for our students.

Whether it’s in a practice, a game, or in the stands cheering, our school celebrates. We give our students opportunities to work together, learn as a team, overcome challenges, persevere, and celebrate success.

We currently have teams and clubs in the following sports:


Track and Field


We are continuing to grow and look forward to offering other sports in the years to come as well.

We invite all of our students to join our sports program and help us continue to build into this exciting part of our school community.

Our Firebirds teams and clubs are open to all HCOS students – not just those who are students at Flex!

Contact us to learn more about our Athletics programs

We are building a dream team of teachers, support staff, and administrative leaders that exemplify innovative thinking, relational drive, and courageous connection. Contact us to apply to join our team and be a part of Flex Academy.