Flex Belief Statements

Isaiah 61
We believe that education is most meaningful
when it is rooted in our identity in Christ and
leads us into deeper relationship with Him.

We believe that learning happens outside of
and those achievements should be
recognized and celebrated.

We believe that students need teachers whose
primary passion is relationships

We believe that while the environment outside of
children and youth has changed over time, their
internal needs remain the same: deep
relationships with others who love them

and a safe and creative space within which to
learn about the world.

We believe that the power of digital tools is the
ability to personalize student learning and free
teachers and students to engage in deeper,
experiential learning
and rich conversation.

We believe that the world has changed more
rapidly than our current educational system.

We believe that students can and should be
empowered to take ownership of their

We believe that at its best, education teaches
children how to live a meaningful life
, not
just make a living.

We believe that education occurs in
and students thrive when their
community works together to see them flourish.

We believe that students should have a clear,
personalized learning path
with unique goals
and supportive assessment.

We believe that learning happens most
authentically when it’s experienced.
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